About Us

PIRIL was established by B.Sc. Civil Engineer Mr. Oğuz AYHAN as a contractor in 25 March 1983 in Adana, TURKEY. It first serviced Incirlik for a variety of services, including, but not limited to:  all aspects of infrastructure construction, electrical installation and repair, building mechanics, steel and industrial structures, alarm systems, road and runway repairs and drainage systems, procurement, heavy equipment rentals and operation.


PIRIL is steadily growing and updating its technical adequacy and capacity on new and daring projects with its highly qualified and experienced technical staff composed of architects, civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers, professional safety and QC staff.  Additional qualified staff and skilled labor is consistently added to the team as projects dictate. New technology and equipment geared toward cutting construction times and budgets are being introduced regularly.  This is accomplished without sacrificing safety and quality. Since its creation, PIRIL has successfully completed a multitude of construction projects throughout Turkey, Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.  These projects include Infrastructures and superstructures consisted of Investigation, civil, structural, architectural works, HVAC, Fire Suppression, high/med./low voltage electrical systems, interior electrical systems, communication lines, AT/FP projects, fueling systems, lightning systems, fencing, road and drainage construction, trade and industrial complexes, apartments, irrigation and numerous other special construction projects. These were all completed without injury, on time and within budgetary constraints.


In March 2013, PIRIL changed its organization from a Limited Liability Partnership to an Incorporated Company with no changes to its ownership, management or technical staff. PIRIL has an excellent credit rating and a high reliability among national financing organizations. 


DUNS # : 525222774 
NATO CAGE # : TD678 
SAM / CCR / ORCA Registration : Available